Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back When

Even though it wasn't that long ago that we were only dating I think its fun to say, "Oh, remember when we were dating and we did that!" Scott did such a great job and still does such a great job to make sure we go on dates and do fun things together and turn into memorable times.

One time, I visited Scott at work and we went on some adventures together while running errands in Salt Lake. We stopped by the Jordan River temple because neither of us had ever visited it.  It is a very beautiful old building. I'm always amazed at how unique yet gorgeous each of the temples are as I continue to visit new ones. In that same date night we bought each other our wedding presents to each other. Chacos!! I love mine and we definitely put them to good use in Hawaii.

At Scott's work. A bit obnoxious right? I could sit underneath!

Love these shoes!

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