Thursday, October 25, 2012

Really Old

Teaching 3rd grade has its ups and downs that's for sure, but there are those times that make me giggle.
Today we started a unit on Native Americans. I started off the lesson asking the kids if they new what a Native American was. A few hands shot up in the air so I had them turn and talk to their neighbor and tell them what a Native American was. Well, it turns out they really didn't have a clue at the age of 8.  One kid said, "A really oooollld person" with the emphasis on the old. Well, third graders like to sound smart so they tend to copy others when they have no idea. "A really old person" ran rapid through the group, which at the time was quite hilarious. Yes, Native Americans may be old, but not all of them.  We soon sorted out this misconception. I'm excited to teach this fun social studies unit.

Here are some "really ooollld people" for your entertainment.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


It's October! I love it when fall comes around.  There's just something about pulling out the cardigans and scarfs that make me excited as well as the crunchy leaves and of course the pumpkins! We went to a pumpkin patch in Santaquin, UT that had a bunch of fun things like a potato sack slide, photo ops, a hay ride, a maze, and a entire store full of delicious fall treats. We selected our pumpkins and enjoyed ourselves. One was for carving and the other we shot with our .22 rifle. It was hilarious to shot something and see guts flying everywhere in the air.  I should have taken a video of it. Then last night we went out to dinner with the family and carved pumpkins afterwards.  Scott and I carved ours into the St. Louis skyline with the Cardinals logo in one corner.  It was a great design in theory, but when it came time to carving it, it was a little too intricate.  Just remember simple is always better when it comes to carving pumpkins. Happy Halloween! 

PS. Today we have been married for 6 months! Hooray for marriage! :)

Our Target

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Post Well Deserved

These last few weekends have been a blast. Mom and Grandma were able to visit from St. Louis and we had a blast with them. We took mom rock climbing, which see rocked at. She came in town for the LDS Relief Society Broadcast or in other words a giant, global meeting for the women in the church broadcasted from Salt Lake City.  It was amazing to hear the inspiring messages and peaceful words.  

While they were here Rachael, Scott, Grandma, Mom, and I explored the Alpine Loop.  We went for a hike through the beautiful changing colors and visited the spot where Scott and I got engaged almost exactly 1 year ago.  I love this time of year when the aspens change and the air gets cooler. 

The next weekend we enjoyed Conference weekend up at grandma's house as the usual tradition.  We brought our friends, Jennifer and Chris with us and it was a blast! We went on a beautiful mini hiked and did some slack lining in the woods, played horseshoes, and ate WAY too much food, especially Papa Murphy's cinnamon wheel. Great memories were made. Grandpa even took us for a ride in his red truck and let us drive his RC boat that he hand crafted himself.  Of course, Scott got the privilege of fishing it out when the battery died. 

This past weekend escaped to Las Vegas, NV for Fall Break.  We loved hanging out with Gran and exploring new places in Vegas.  We took our picture with a million dollars (sorry not seen below), saw the biggest golden nugget, saw the Hoover Dam, went to Shark's Reef, and ate WAY too much food. Our favorite was Shark's Reef with it's giant aquarium FILLED with the coolest fish out there. That in itself was well worth the trip.  Our last night we drove down the strip next to a Rolse Royce with newlyweds inside.  It was very cute and there was great people watching the whole weekend. Fun Fun.

Sundance Resort

Cascade Springs

The Engagement Spot 1 year later

Heber, UT
"Two paths diverged in a yellow wood..."

"When I'm retired..."

Grandpa livin' the life

And Scott fishing it out when it dies

Our Mini Vacation for Fall Break

Hoover Dam

We love Gran!

Shark's Reef at Mandalay Bay
Look Alike?
Las Vegas, NV LDS Temple