Thursday, October 25, 2012

Really Old

Teaching 3rd grade has its ups and downs that's for sure, but there are those times that make me giggle.
Today we started a unit on Native Americans. I started off the lesson asking the kids if they new what a Native American was. A few hands shot up in the air so I had them turn and talk to their neighbor and tell them what a Native American was. Well, it turns out they really didn't have a clue at the age of 8.  One kid said, "A really oooollld person" with the emphasis on the old. Well, third graders like to sound smart so they tend to copy others when they have no idea. "A really old person" ran rapid through the group, which at the time was quite hilarious. Yes, Native Americans may be old, but not all of them.  We soon sorted out this misconception. I'm excited to teach this fun social studies unit.

Here are some "really ooollld people" for your entertainment.

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