Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This last week has been full of lots of firsts, but that's what happens when you get married right? 
1. We witnessed our first sunset from our new apartment, well at least the first one I took a picture of.  
2. I learned how to ride a skateboard and successfully skated on down and around south of campus and back without falling. I may have cheated and walked a few times. It was a really fun date. 
3. I went BACKPACKING for the first time with my adventurous husband! It was hard but still very fun. We went up and above Horsetail Falls behind Alpine. We stumbled upon an amazing campsite that some horse people had set up. The best part was that it was snuggled in the Aspens! We got to try out all of our new camping gear that we got from registering at REI. Probably the best idea we've ever had together. Needless to say I love my new pink sleeping bag. 
4. We went to grandma's house for Memorial Day weekend when the rain decided to sweep us off the mountain. It was the first time that Scott didn't have to sleep on the couch. Yay! I think grandma was more excited than we were. haha.
5. We bought our first BED together and boy is it awesome! We had been previously sleeping on two twins pushed together that weren't exactly the same height. I love not having a crack on my butt when I sleep. It was quite the adventure getting the mattress onto the car and tying it down. I was terrified it was going to take flight at any moment especially as it was going down a hill at 50 mph. However, despite my unnecessary fears the bed made it safely into our bedroom unharmed. 
6. Last but not least, Natalie (Scott's sister) graduated from high school! We were so excited to sit through the long, repetitive, I mean thrilling ceremony. It was a beautiful day though and Natalie sang in the choir which was beaUtiful. We had yummy Indian food afterwards. 

Hopefully more firsts will come in the next week!

Before we knew how hard it was going to be


Love our tent and sleeping gear

Making pancakes at altitude is a little challenging

Our awesome campsite!


Look Mom! I'm balancing on a log!

Tying down the mattress

A little nervous... 
Lone Peak Graduation 2012

Natalie, the new graduate

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back When

Even though it wasn't that long ago that we were only dating I think its fun to say, "Oh, remember when we were dating and we did that!" Scott did such a great job and still does such a great job to make sure we go on dates and do fun things together and turn into memorable times.

One time, I visited Scott at work and we went on some adventures together while running errands in Salt Lake. We stopped by the Jordan River temple because neither of us had ever visited it.  It is a very beautiful old building. I'm always amazed at how unique yet gorgeous each of the temples are as I continue to visit new ones. In that same date night we bought each other our wedding presents to each other. Chacos!! I love mine and we definitely put them to good use in Hawaii.

At Scott's work. A bit obnoxious right? I could sit underneath!

Love these shoes!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We have settled into the cliche lifestyle of newlyweds. We spend all of our time either at work or with each other. Our quaint apartment is mostly settled into and decorated. I feel like I'm playing house all the time though. Maybe in 5 years or so I'll start feeling like a real adult.

Scott and I celebrated my 22nd birthday last Wednesday by going out to Olive Garden, one of my favorite restraunts. It was so nice to wake up next to my best friend wishing me a Happy Birthday. He hid a card and perfume in my bathroom mirror as well as a fresh smoothie in the fridge. I have such a caring husband. I spent the morning being lazy and putting up some final decorations. Amy took me out to lunch at Zupas, which is always a favorite. Then I went to work for a few hours before Olive Garden and opening presents. I got to pick out ice cream and a movie at the store, always a compromise for us regularly, but not on my birthday! haha. We watched the Vow, which was pretty good. Scott was bored the whole time, but did a great job keeping his critiques to himself.

Last Saturday morning we hiked the "Y" for our Saturday adventure. It was a fun reminder of something we did when we were dating. It was a gorgeous day and an especially good day for a hike. Scott even was an overachiever and ran part of the way up. I walked despite the persistence from my hiking buddy. We hope to make it a Saturday tradition to go on a mini adventure.

On Sunday it was beautiful Mother's Day and after church we went to the in-law's house for DELICIOUS waffles and relaxation.  It was the perfect day to lay outside on blankets and chill so that's exactly what we did.

I'm so grateful for my mother and the amazing woman she is. I would not be the person I am today without her hard work in my behalf throughout my 22 years.  She pulled together an incredible wedding that was a dream come true. I would literally pin something on Pinterest and poof! it would appear at the wedding festivities. She is so hard working and the most patient woman I know to deal with us kids. She raised me to be the woman I am today and I thank her for it. Happy Mother's Day mom!
The popular wedding gift was dish towels.

The fish said Happy Birthday to me!

New decorations.

The benefits of Scott having 5 sisters!

We tried out our new tent in the living room!!

At the top of the Y

Beautiful Provo

The waffles were a favorite. 
The whole gang!

Happy Mother's Day!

The pampering.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Scott and I went on our honeymoon to Hawaii! It was unbelievably gorgeous there. I have never seen such blue skies, blue ocean, and felt such perfect weather. I also have never seen so many Asians in my life before! Granted I've never been to Asian or anywhere near any Asian countries. Most of the signs around Waikiki were in Japanese as well as English. It felt as though we were in a different country. There were even restaurants that were only in Japanese. We spent a lot of time relaxing at the beach and I was able to finish Hunger Games, which is so good and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't jumped on the bandwagon yet. It's a fabulous bandwagon. We hiked Diamond Head crater which was fun and beautiful as well. One of our favorite adventures was going to Hanauma Bay to go snorkeling. It was absolutely breath taking to be able to swim with sea turtles and such HUGE fish. It was like we shrunk and were stuck in an aquarium. We loved to dive down and swim through the schools of fish and try to mess with their formations. It reminded me of Finding Nemo and how the big school of fish makes different designs to tell Marlin where to go. When you swam down next to them they kept their formation close together, but would quickly move out of your way. So cool! Another favorite was renting a red Mustang Convertible and driving up along the North Shore. It was a different world up there and we were so glad we did some exploring along the famous pipeline beach, the Dole plantation, and of course Shave Ice. I've never had such huge snow cones before and boy were they delicious! It's worth it to go to Hawaii if all you do is eat Shave Ice with ice cream on the bottom. Sent from heaven. We also did some shopping in Waikiki, which is turning into mini Las Vegas with all of its high end stores. The surf shops satisfy us just fine though. All in all it was a great vacation to be able to spend with my best friend. We are enjoying the newlywed life together and hope for many more adventures this summer. 

At the top of Diamond Head

"Loco Moco" Our Favorite Meal in Hawaii

After the King's Guard Demonstration

Surfer Bums

Hanauma Bay

My cute husband

My favorite picture of the entire trip!

A Pineapple Bush!

Laie, Hawaii LDS Temple

Pearl Harbor