Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Lately we've been able to take a break from our crazy work schedules and do some fun things.  We went to our friends, Tyler and Ashley's wedding.  They are so happy and we are so happy for the them! Hopefully we can fit in a camping trip with them before the summer is over.  It was fun to go to the ceremony and reflect on our own wedding day.  I kept feeling the nervous/excited jitters for them and me just reminiscing on my magical day. We were even adopted into the family picture!

Last Saturday we went on a hammock hike up Rock Canyon and set up our hammocks in some trees. I definitely got sore, but it was relaxing once we got everything set up. We found a spot nestled in some pine trees up from the trail.  If I was homeless I would live there.  I've been reading "Peter and the Starcatchers," a Peter Pan-like story that's a popular children's book right now.  I hope to read it to my 3rd graders in the fall. I would recommend it because it's not your average children's fantasy book.  A lot of creative juices went towards it. There's nothing like a Saturday reading a book in a hammock at the top of a mountain!

We have also been doing a lot of slack lining lately because its something that we both can do (sort of) and it doesn't take a whole lot of planning or work to set up. Basically you hook up a piece of rock climbing webbing between two trees and walk on it. Scott can walk back and forth on it and sometimes turn around, while I'm still working on the standing part. It's been fun though.

Draper, UT LDS Temple

All matchy matchy!

Our view

Slack lining


Concentration sometimes looks creepy. Sorry.

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