Saturday, July 21, 2012

ESL Endorsed

I'm officially (sort of) ESL Endorsed! I finished my class today and had my Exit Interview.  It was such a fun experience and great practice to work with kids this summer. I had an absolutely amazing mentor teacher and had fun with the other student teachers. I loved our car rides and talks about the good and the bad. I'm very glad the many papers are done! Horray! It was a wonderful learning experience about students learning English as the second language. It taught me a lot about how I'm going to teach my own class.  I came to love my little 3rd graders.  We had some fun times, especially water day with all the water games. 
I'm now officially in full preparation mode for school to start on August 21st, exactly one month away. Yikes! The real world is definitely sinking in as I begin my first real job as a 3rd grade teacher. Wish me luck! 

Water Day

All of us teachers!

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