Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Nights

A lot has been happening this summer with both of us working and me in school. We go into survival mode and count down to the weekends or the rare times we see each other when it is light outside. Here's what we've been up to lately.
-Picnics in the park. We especially love it when Jennifer and Chris join us!
-Walks down to center street. Our favorite place in Provo with its unique shops, restaurants, and live music. We have a singapore restaurant that's now on the list to try.
-Gift card to olive garden where they now have the St. Louis famous TOASTED RAVIOLI! Man, what a great day.
-I tried Mountain biking. It'll take me a bit to try again.
-The fires in Utah county have been CRAZY! Despite evacuations, no one I know has had any damage done to their home or property.
-City Days. We went to Strawberry Days and the Freedom Festival. Both awesome! Utah county is so festive during the summer. I loved walking around and seeing the different booths, which resulted in me buying the cutest maxi dress ever and matching sunglasses for me and the hubby.
-The fireworks display for the fourth of July was amazing. I have never been so close to an amazing display. The parade in the morning was great as well. We were lucky enough to find a spot on University to park our chairs. A feat only understood by those who have been to the parade.
-We're headed to Lake Powell this weekend for a family reunion. Can't wait!

A high class picnic with pizza. 

Our favorite park for people watching.

Mountain Biking

Strawberry Days

Smoke from the dangerous fires.

Toasted Rav!

Happy 4th of July!

Tom and Jerry!

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  1. That's an amazing picture of a firework! I miss you tons Karalee and I'm glad you are doing so well!