Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This summer has been filled with a million adventures. It's been great fun in between the school stress and business. About a month ago we went to Lake Powell for a family reunion and it was perfect. It was so fun to be with the crazy family and make more memories. We will never forget Brookie and her talent show cartwheel or Indian Day.  I love family reunions.

We also hiked Mount Timpanogos a couple weeks ago.  Scott and I made it into a backpack trip and stayed overnight about 1.5 miles from the top at Emerald Lake. It was so fun to sleep in the mountains and to finally climb to the top! Last year we tried, but there was too much snow to make it to the top safely so we only made it about a third of the way up. It's been a hot summer so we were able to make it to the top just fine. Only one glacier had to be crossed, which we both gracefully landed on our butts during the trek. It was so crazy to see the entire Utah Valley from the top of the 2nd highest peak in Utah. The wildflowers were GORGEOUS and I know understand that those beautiful mountain paintings are actually based off of real life stuff. Coming back down was tough as the 98 degree heat got the best of me and my legs were giving out, but we made it and after a GIANT slurpee, I was content again. My ankle even survived. Props for Scott and I finishing our 2nd backpacking trip together. We plan on backpacking Lone Peak with Jennifer and Chris in a few weeks.

My cousin, Keaton, left on his mission last Wednesday and it was fun to spend time with him and Aunt Dayna before he left.  He will be serving in the San Diego Spanish Speaking Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For more information on missions click here.

Utah is great because there is always something going on somewhere on the weekends.  Saturday morning with went rock climbing with our newlywed buddies, Tyler and Ashley.  I red-pointed for my first time, which means I lead climbed (took the rope up as I went) the entire route without falling. It was a great accomplishment. I think I went up on Scott's cool factor a little bit, even if I am already his wife.

Alpine Days was last weekend and its always fun to look at all the booths and eat yummy snow cones. Along with Alpine Days there is a rodeo we went to, which was so fun even if it did start to rain on us and we hid underneath the bleachers with all the little kids. A rodeo is always great for people watching too. However, the coolest thing about Alpine Days was the Tour of Utah pro cycling race that went through Alpine. We saw it go through the round-about in Alpine and then hopped on Scott's dad's motorcycle and caught them (which was actually pretty hard, which they go 35 mph on flat ground) 2 more times in Alpine and then in Draper. It was definitely on the list of something never seen before. Those guys are CRAZY! It was really cool! After catching them for the third time, we had to stop by Cabella's because I had never been there before. It was the best people watching yet of the whole weekend.  Inside the store, its practically a museum with stuffed animals everywhere you look. Very fun.

More adventures to come I'm sure. My classroom is coming along. School starts in 7 days!!

Indian Day!

Our campsite

It was an intense hike. 

At the top!!


Sitting on the top of a waterfall. Nbd.

Keaton the missionary!
Hiding from the Rain

A Little Cowboy

Bull Riding at the Alpine Rodeo

Me :)

Tyler rockin' it


We don't know how to say no to a snow cone.  
The Tour of Utah Pro Bike Race


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