Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cows and Sunshine

Last weekend we went to the Utah State Fair with the Jennings. It was definitely a cultural experience. I've seen plenty of cows and sheep from a distance, but never up this close before. They had all kinds of animals, produce, tractors, crafts, booths, and food.  One of our favorites was the amateur photography competition that we are thinking about entering in next year. I could have spent 2 hours looking at all of those pictures. It was a fun day.

Scott recently got a new slack line, but not just any slack line, a Gibbon slack line. We tried it out yesterday and we found the perfect spot just outside our apartment. Scott is getting pretty good even with his bum ankle. I can get up by myself, but there hasn't been much progress past that point. It felt good to be outside and enjoy the sunshine. 

Us next to the lovely cows.

Bubbles! Megan was lucky enough to get a bubble gun. It sang a lovely song too.

Sheep. We don't know why they wear that blanket thing.

Photo Opp!

His dream. ha.

Slack lining it up!

The one and only. I just like that it's purple.

I haven't quite perfected the technique.

Reading in the shade. 

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  1. And isn't the cow smell lovely??
    I like your bookmark.... need one of those as a reminder sometimes. (: